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Molinari Design srl

via Noal, 8
38087 Sella Giudicarie (TN)
Tel. +39 0465 322837

Contact person:
Massimo Molinari – Sales and export manager

Contact languages:
Italian, English

Activity description

PASSION, research and analysis compose the platform from which every Molinari Living product is launched. The choice of materials is a vital step towards obtaining a product that can boast beauty, quality, reliability and durability, all together.
LEATHER. The starring element of each Molinari Living product. This traditional material is still processed using ancient methods that ensure it, maintains its natural qualities while exalting its beauty.
Our MISSION is to become the client’s point of reference for excellence, the true and unique bearer of product quality and authenticity. The pride in making an elegant, valued and comfortable product is one of the main distinguishing features of Molinari living.

Product description

Molinari Design production is based on sofas and armchair covered in leather or in fabric.