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The opening and the development of new commercial outlets abroad are activities that go hand in hand. The entrepreneurs who are willing to start an internationalization process for their business in order to promote the potential value of their products abroad and invest in medium-long term activities have the possibility to rely on a new tool: Trentino International, a package containing measures and services based on specialist skills.

Internationalization one-stop-shop

A single information point that delivers high-quality information about foreign markets: data regarding a specific country, lists of contacts, possible hinders, fiscal and customs policy, and also information about credit access and the economic support provided to exporting companies.

In-depth and training courses

When entering a foreign market, it is of paramount importance to be well prepared. Therefore, we offer the possibility to deepen the knowledge of foreign markets and the trends in the most growing sectors. We provide information about core marketing issues, entry points and entry modalities in the market, and the procedures and documents required to enter a new market. Thanks to the collaboration with professionals and experts of the field, we are able to thoroughly analyze all key issues relating to an internationalization process.

Customized company support and assistance

How is it possible to structurally tackle foreign markets? With the aim of paving the way for the companies willing to develop an internationalization project, Trentino Sviluppo offers medium-long term support pathways that provide the skills, technical assistance, and commercial support needed to tackle a new market with full awareness.

Forging of technological partnerships and commercial contacts

Trentino Sviluppo is listed in the most famous European databases to support companies in forging technological partnerships that go beyond national borders and in expanding their commercial networks in every sector. Trentino Sviluppo promotes different European projects aimed at involving entrepreneurs willing to take part to experiences and training courses in a foreign country.

Missions and delegations

Missions and delegations represent a wonderful opportunity to visit a foreign country, meet new people, present a company and its products, and discover by first-hand experience what new markets can offer. By organizing institutional and trade missions that focus on one or different sectors, Trentino Sviluppo assists companies during their institutional or business trips to help them collect new contacts in foreign countries.


Trentino Sviluppo regularly welcomes foreign business delegations who come to Trentino to get a first-hand experience of the territory and its main companies. We create thematic journeys on the territory and organize targeted meetings with the main entrepreneurs of the area.

Exhibitions and other opportunities

Trentino Sviluppo keeps constantly in touch with the main national and international trade fair organizations to promptly point out the most interesting sectoral events for the promotion abroad of the products and companies of Trentino.

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