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Trentino Sviluppo’s action mainly targets enterprises and, in particular, it focuses on: new enterprisesinternationalisation; support to corporate structuring; projects for financial consolidation aimed at specific development projects
The enterprises that decide to settle in Trentino - in particular those working in technological centres - are given the opportunity to profit from the services of Trentino Sviluppo:

  • strategic analysis of the enterprise and identification of improvement margins;
  • drafting of a growth plan through the identification of factors critical to its success; support in the definition of a marketing plan related to the development of a new product or service; support in the establishment of technologic partnerships;
  • assessment of the impact of the introduction of new technology on the organisation of the enterprise; assessment of the organisational model and HR management policies; design & innovation: design audit to lay the basis for new products and services, thanks to its conventions with high-end centres in the field of design (Politecnico Milano, University of Trento, IUAV Venezia, and Libera Università of Bolzano);
  • tutoring and follow-up in the internationalisation processes, through information, market and sectorial assessments (i.e. reports regarding export evaluations on a specific product or product line and on specific markets);
  • Temporary Export Manager programmes;
  • integrated sectorial projects aimed at the creation of homogeneous groups of enterprises and integrated projects on markets with specific destinations; incoming projects, scouting and visits abroad, support to the participation to international fairs.