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New hi-tech headquarters for Sicor

Bigger spaces grant a higher turnover and new jobs

«It's in crisis that inventive is born, as well as discoveries, and big strategies.». This quote of Albert Einstein is printed on a scroll and displayed in the hall of the headquarters of Sicor to state the company’s vision. Nevertheless, for Sicor - the company of Rovereto that manufactures traction systems for elevators - facts speak louder than words: 150 employees, 48 million euros in turnover, 20 million euros invested in research projects, new commercial networks, and - more importantly - new headquarters.

New high-tech headquarters; the best bet for the future

The «new» Sicor is growing in an abandoned industrial centre called former Gardafilo, located at number 32 of Viale Caproni in Rovereto. This space has been provided by Trentino Sviluppo and it has been renovated by the company after two years of work and an expense of 14.3 million euros.

In this new industrial facility the company will launch the production of its new traction systems for elevators with gearless motors. Giacomo Spezzapria, young CEO of the company, explains: «This technology allows for the reduction of energy consumption by 20-30% and it can even halve the dimensions of a traditional geared lift system».

The truth is in the numbers; increase in the turnover and new jobs created

Thanks to the spaces newly made available and its advanced equipment, Sicor expects to increase its productive capacity in order to reach 40,000 machines per year, besides launching in Rovereto the production of electromagnetic brakes - which is currently externalized - and a new environmentally friendly line of products for water coating.

The leap forward in terms of turnover - from 33 million euros in 2011 to more than 50 million euros in 2013 - is strongly due to the commercial initiatives carried out in the Middle East. «It’s a strongly growing market - confirms Spezzapria - and it involves countries like Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait. This market covers 40% of our turnover, while another 50% is covered by other foreign countries, particularly Russia and countries in Europe, Asia, and South-America».

Even the workforce of the company is expanding: 115 jobs have been granted until 2018 thanks to an agreement signed with the Autonomous Province of Trento, a figure that reaches 128 employees if we consider also the workers employed on temporary contracts but with the possibility of obtaining a permanent working position within the company.

Two research projects with the University

The investment made on research and development bore its fruits, thanks to the support received through Provincial law 6/1999 and the strong collaboration with the University of Trento. In particular, two research projects amounting to a total investment of 3.3 million euros allowed Sicor to reduce the weight and dimensions of its traction systems and launch the production of new small gearless motors.

An induced benefit of 3.5 million euros for 32 small enterprises

The activities of Sicor produced also a significant induced profit in Trentino, where the company forged industrial partnerships with manufacturers of steel bars, worm-screws, crown wheel shafts, brake groups, and electrical components. The total expense paid by Sicor for the supply of components, products, and services offered by companies established in Trentino amounts to 3.5 million euros, 16% of its total expenses. This activity generates a turnover and an economic activity for 32 companies, even small enterprises, which provide work for 448 employees.